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Travel to Guatemala City, Antigua, Lake Atitlán

March 8-15, 2020 
8 days, 7 nights

This 8-day arts & lectures program in Guatemala looks at the processes, people, and communities throughout the country's art history. 

Guatemalan artist Mafer Hernandez will be our guide for this week —  Mafer is a San Francisco Art Institute alumna living in Antigua and will provide an intimate look into Guatemala City, Antigua & Lake Atitlán. This program includes introductions to local artists, visits to the best contemporary art galleries, walks to explore the colonial architecture in Antigua, and artisan workshop stops in Lake Atitlán.   

The entire journey will be immersive, cultural and pushing you beyond your comfort zone. You’ll witness the beautiful diversity the country has to offer from the bustling Guatemala City, to the colonial town of Antigua, a culturally renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the rural village roads as we tour the southwestern highlands into Lake Atitlán.  

We have designed a unique itinerary that will introduce you to the real art communities of Guatemala exploring both urban and rural environments with a wide array of local perspectives guiding your hands-on experience. All accommodations, meals and transit are included in the itinerary, to keep things stress free. Below are some highlights of the itinerary we offer. If you have any questions, just reach out at and we’ll prepare you with everything you need to know to make this incredible journey happen. 



After years of research and living throughout Guatemala, we have put together a guide filled with  all our favourite local gems. We’ll share the joy and excitement these deeply enriching places bring us; expect one of the smallest contemporary art galleries in the world, roadside coconut stops, spots tucked away in the mountains and weaving co-ops packed to the brim with inspiration. 


Guatemala is an enchanting place unlike any other. With a unique fusion of Mayan, European and American influences, the country welcomes you with a glorious array of vibrant colours and dazzling scents. From ceramic workshops in Lake Atitlán to the studios of renowned artists in the contemporary art scene in Guatemala City, you'll be out there exploring and learning about art in Guatemala and Latin America.


From a sustainable hotel in Guatemala City offering the opportunity to give back to local communities to a textile filled stay in Antigua and a celebration of views in Lake Atitlán, we’ll be staying at a variety of boutique accommodations whilst journeying through the country. Each stay is design-led with its intrinsic beauty that is equipped with comfortable beds, refreshing showers and plenty of space for scenic views and private reflection. On our last day, you'll have the option to visit the luxury spa in Casa Santo Domingo with a jacuzzi inside ancient ruins and a contemporary art piece in the middle!


Get to know the creatives shaking things up on our journey you’ll be introduced to many local artists and artisans exploring modern Guatemala identity through mixed media platforms. We’ll connect you with the leading inspirations of global culture and authenticity that are sowing seeds and building relationships for a brighter future. On our back-strap weaving workshop you’ll be able to get hands-on and have a go yourself, whilst intimately connecting to the cultural experience passed from generations.



March 8 - 15

8 days, 7 nights


$1795 early bird special

$1950 regular price

Group Size

8 travelers + GRACIA Team

Fine Print


We will provide a daily itinerary detailing all activities, accommodations and schedule of the journey once you have completed full purchase of the trip.  

ARRIVING: Book your airfare to Guatemala City Airport (airport code: “GUA”) arriving on Sunday, March 8th, 2020. Once you land in Guatemala City, we’ll have a driver pick you up and take you to our hotel.

LEAVING: Book your airfare from Guatemala City Airport (airport code: “GUA”)  departing on Sunday, March 15th, 2020, and we’ll take you to the airport.

EXTENSIONS: If you wish to arrive earlier or stay later, we can assist developing and facilitating your itinerary for an additional fee.


  • In-Country Transportation for all activities in the itinerary.
  • Boutique hotels accommodation on Guatemala City, Antigua and Lake Atitlán. This trip includes double occupancy rooms throughout the week.
  • Food: Three meals per day, March 9-14. One meal on day of arrival and day of departure March 8 & 15. We will be dining out in some of the country's best restaurants.
  • Curated experiences: Intimate look into artist studio workshops, contemporary art gallery visits, guided tours in three locations and a backstrap weaving workshop (providing a fair wage to our local artisan instructors).
  • Additional Experiences: optional luxury spa day pass on last day!
  • Gift: Special arrival gift with handmade Guatemalan goodies.


  • Airfare in and out of Guatemala; although we are happy to assist you with finding flight options, but we do not facilitate flight bookings
  • Passport and/or Visa entry fees, if applicable
  • We will provide dinner on March 8, but if you arrive earlier you must cover meal expenses; we will cover breakfast March 15, but if you depart later you must cover meal expenses
  • Travel insurance: We require all participants to have personal travel insurance. This will cover things like illness, flight cancellations, theft, etc.
  • Alcohol; alcoholic beverages are not included. You are more than welcome to partake and we'll just keep a separate tab.
  • Expenses During Free Time: We will have a little bit of free time. Some guests choose to use this time to relax; however, if you’d like to arrange any activities, we are happy to help you coordinate things like transportation to a nearby town, a guided hike, private massage, etc. All activities doing free time are at the expense of guests.
  • Incidental expenses, such as but not limited to, flight cancellation, lost luggage, property damage, personal injury, etc..  


ACCOMMODATIONS: During our trip we will be staying in design-led accommodations that focus on sustainability. All of our stays include rooms with two beds. During the trip, you will be paired with a fellow traveller of the same gender whom you’ll share a room throughout our journey. At booking please let us know if you are booking with someone else and wish to be staying with that person. There will be an additional charge for a private room, if available, so please email us before booking.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Please let us know prior to booking if you have any special need such as dietary requirements, allergies, limited mobility, visual and/or hearing impairments, etc… We will do our best to accommodate any and all special needs notified prior to booking, but it is possible in order to suffice special needs, additional costs will be excised.

PRICING: The total price for this trip is $1,950. We are offering an early bird price of $1,795 that expires on 31 December 2019. Any booking made after 1 January 2020, the entire trip cost is $1,950.

A initial non-refundable deposit ($500) per person is required to reserve a spot and is included in the total price. This program can be paid in full, or in three separate installments (*the first payment automatically includes the non-refundable deposit).

Installment payments are offered to travelers who book more than 60 days prior to trips starting date. Final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the trip starting date.

Passport Validity: In order to enter Guatemala, your passport must be valid for at least 90 days following your departure date. You must also have at least one blank page in your passport.

VISA: Eighty-six countries' citizens including citizens of the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia do not need to obtain a VISA if they are staying in Guatemala for 90 days or less. Citizens from countries outside of the eighty-six exempt must obtain a tourist VISA. You can find a comprehensive list and map of countries exempt from a tourist VISA here.


Please for the details of our service transaction, which you agree to when booking a trip.

Cancellations + Refunds

In the event that a Trip Participant wishes to cancel his/her Booking the following terms and conditions shall apply:

The Trip Participant must notify GRACIA, in writing, of his/her desire to cancel. The following conditions shall apply with respect to refunds for cancellations:

         1) If the Trip Participant cancels at least 60 days prior to departure, his/her non-refundable deposit is retained, but any other payments already made by the Trip 

              Participant will be refunded in full;

         2) If the Trip Participant cancels at least 30 days prior to departure, his/her non-refundable deposit is retained, and 50% of any other payments already made by 

              the Trip Participant will be refunded (with GRACIA retaining the remaining 50%);

         3) If the Trip Participant cancels within 30 days of departure, non-refundable deposit as well as all payments made by the Trip Participant will not be refunded.

Once the deposit is collected, all additional payments are due at least 30 days prior to departure.  GRACIA reserves the right to cancel participation resulting in the loss of all money collected if any outstanding payment is not received by 11:59 p.m. on the 30th day prior to departure.  

If GRACIA is forced to cancel or significantly alter your trip, we will notify the Trip Participant in writing as soon as possible.  In these circumstances, the Trip Participant may choose any one of the following options:

          1) Accept a credit for the amount you’ve paid towards a future GRACIA program; or

          2) Receive a refund of all money paid

If, for any reason, the Trip Participant leaves a trip once it has commenced, GRACIA is not obliged to issue any refund, credit, or compensation.

Due to the foregoing cancellation and refund policy, GRACIA strongly recommends that each Trip Participant purchase travel insurance.

Any complaint that arises as a result of the above cancellation and refund policy, should be directed to the group leader of the trip.  If the issue is not resolved and further attention is required, a refund request must be directed to GRACIA in writing within 30 days of last day of the trip.  Whether a Trip Participant is entitled to any refund, credit, or other form of compensation for his/her complaint, is within the sole discretion of GRACIA.

Optional Activities

Throughout the course of the trip there will be opportunities to participate in additional and optional activities including but not limited to hiking, spa day and guided walking tours.  The dangers associated with these activities as well those generally inherent to the trip location are accepted by the Trip Participant at his/her own risk. Any assistance given by group leader or local representative in organizing these activities shall not result in any liability of GRACIA for any bodily injury, illness, or death arising out of, resulting from, related to, and/or caused in whole or in part, by the Trip Participant’s involvement in these optional activities.


By agreeing to GRACIA’s Booking Terms and Conditions, the Trip Participant gives the GRACIA team permission to use photos taken of him/her during the trips for promotional purposes and in any other medium GRACIA chooses.  

Code of Conduct

GRACIA does not tolerate illegal drug use and respectfully asks that each Trip Participant of age to do so, consumes alcohol responsibly.  GRACIA reserves the right to remove a Trip Participant from a trip is he/she is found to be engaging in and/or using any illegal activity or drug and/or hazardous behavior. Such removal shall be at the Trip Participant’s own financial expense.

Special Needs

It is the responsibility of Travellers to inform GRACIA prior to booking Trips of any special needs they have, such as but not limited to, dietary requirements, allergies, limited mobility, visual and/or hearing impairments, etc…

GRACIA will do its best to accommodate any and all special needs notified prior to booking, but it is possible in order to suffice Travellers special needs, additional costs will be excised. 

Travelers will be notified of any additional costs applied for special needs prior to booking, if GRACIA is notified. 

In the event GRACIA is notified to accommodate special needs after a booking has been made, and additional costs will be applied, Travellers accept these costs. Travelers refusal to cover these costs in this circumstance, will forfeit entitlement to any and all refunds.

Personal Requirements

All Travellers must be 18 years old or older. GRACIA reserves the right to decline service to any potential Travelers who is under the age of 18. In the event GRACIA accepts Travelers under the age of 18, the Travelers must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

Travelers acknowledge absence of physical, mental, other conditions or disabilities that would create a hazard to themselves or accompanying Travelers and/or GRACIA personnel, third party suppliers. GRACIA reserves the right to remove Travellers from Trips for such instances, but not limited to, if Travellers are responsible for detrimental impact to themselves, accompanying Travellers and/or others.      

Trips Itinerary Changes

GRACIA reserves the right to cancel, alter or modify Trips itinerary, including but not limited to, schedule structure, suppliers, accommodations, transportation and guides, without prior notice to Travelers for any reason. In the event thereof, no further refund or compensation to Travelers will be provided.

GRACIA reserves the right to alter the prices of any Trips shown on its website before Travelers booking is confirmed. Travellers will be advised of the current price before booking is confirmed.

GRACIA reserves the right where any costs cannot be reasonably calculated by GRACIA in advance of the final due balance of Travelers, GRACIA will give notice of any additional costs Travelers may still have to bear.

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