Gracia Residency
Payment process

Payment is done through Xoom. Xoom is a PayPal service that provides secured worldwide money transfers. If any question arises, email us at

Here you have a guided step-by-step guide to using Xoom. On the last step on this guide you press continue and fill your own information and confirm payment. 

Here is the information from us that  you need:

1) On the top you will see a drop out menu named SEND MONEY, please choose GUATEMALA.

2) Enter amount of money that we told you via email. This varies depending on residency (single or double) and if we have agreed to do payment installments.

3) Choose BANK DEPOSIT. Then sign in with your PayPal or create a new account.

4) Fill out the next form:

  • Bank name, choose BANCO INDUSTRIAL
  • Account number, enter 4550080248
  • Account type, CHECKING

5) Fill out the next form:

  • Recipient's first name, enter MARIA FERNANDA
  • Recipient's last name, enter HERNANDEZ
  • Recipient's maternal last name, enter ESCOBAR
  • Recipient's address, enter Condominio Altos de San Lazaro zona 15
  • Address line 2, enter Casa 3
  • City, enter Guatemala
  • Department, enter Guatemala
  • Postal Code, enter 01015
  • Phone, enter +502 51603552
  • Recipient's email, enter

6) Click continue to payment and fill your personal information and confirm.

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